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Dot Coms are highly valued, but have had their day. 

What’s hip and cool today is to position yourself as a Non Dot Com, like DXC.Technology, shown here going public. 


Poo, poo you say? You’ll soon rethink that. It’s a new market and a hot new generation; one that came of age during the 30+ years of Dot Com dominance. To them, a Non Dot Com grabs their attention. It’s not their father’s domain.

Non Dot Coms stand out among the field of ho-hum domains from the 90’s

There will be countless marijuana sites and thousand of strains & varieties— and a frenzy of crazed investors, all chasing a market that will grow, at best, a few "x." Marketing strategist have seen it all before.

Take, for example, the emergence of DVD players. Within 6 years of the initial launch, "close to one thousand models of DVD players were available from over a hundred consumer electronics manufacturers." What were they thinking!? As everyone knows in retrospect, all these brands blew out of the market but a few.

Then, there’s that great insight about the gold rush, and who got rich. That was long before we had Home Depot, supplying picks and shovels at very low prices.

In the emerging market of legal herbs, it's the business model of John D. Rockefeller you want to follow, the co-founder of Standard Oil. After dabbling in the boom and bust of oil exploration, he moved quickly on to become the refinery— and no longer cared about wild price swings. He became the exchange and left the boom and bust to others, mostly to amateurs.

It’s déjà vu all over again. As other gear up to oversupply this nascent market, isolate yourself from price swings by becoming the marijuana "exchange," for all thing legal. Or, as we recommend, use "MaryJane," as the lead brand, relieving others from spelling "Mar-i-juan-a." We have the full collection available, herbs, weed, edibles, etc. and will advise you on strategy.

Fair warning: Launching the Marijuana.Exchange makes a bold declaration. You must match that promise with the commitment to provide superior content and product offerings. That's the only way to become the next-generation source for all things weed.

Or, if you're just doing retail, you'll be positioned to expand into new markets and back off retail, as this very predicable and certain shakeout begins!

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Marijuana.Com sold recently in a rumored $4.2 million deal and is now the new site for weedmaps, a dispensary locator. 

Other weed-related Dot Coms are already built-out, mostly with more generic products. Just imagine what it would cost to roll-up all these marijuana domains!

But, why would you?  The Internet world has changed. 


Today, 90% of all web traffic comes though search, where only incidental traffic comes via direct type-in. That means it’s no longer essential to have a Dot Com address to tap into this:

  • Huge On-Going Market

  • Internet Delivery

  • Discreet Purchasing

  • Subscription Potential

  • Price Insensitive

Sites built on the Non Dot Com domains are both hip and cool, and have equal access to market, delivery, purchasing, subscription, and price potential. They're the ultimate click bait!

As an investment, Dot Coms have peaked in value where Non Dot Coms are just now beginning to soar. Of the Top-10 sales of 2018, 3 were mid-six-figure sales of Non Dot Coms. It’s like 1995 all over again!

Project this out a few years, and dollars invested in Non Dot Coms will, at a minimum, achieve steady growth but more likely climb 2x or more. What matters is that sites built with Non Dot Coms stand out among the field of ho-hum domains from the 90’s.

Think Stock.Exchange for all things marijuana. An “exchange” can encompass everything; news, live events, video, growing tips, and especially the global product source for the next generation.

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