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Saturday, JUNE 3, 2017, 

...but the VERY best numbers have yet to be assigned


Join us... Or, good luck with that 833 number!

Yes, you may still have a chance at amazing numbers like 833-333-3333 and many others. When you submit your 833 Numbers with us, you're not just taking a "Shot in the Dark." We have a simply strategy to maximize your chances of success: Intelligence! 

We predict that the FCC will allocate the very best numbers by an uncommon lottery, numbers we defined at as "Top-Tier." Enter your orders now for the very best of the best numbers, as well as the other 15,000 numbers which are now subject to "auction or lottery." The only ones preassigned or allocated at the opening were those no one wanted bad enough to include early. All the great ones and more are still available!


833 Numbers-- Self-Pricing Submission Form:

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We created the list of Top-Tier and Mid-Tier 833 numbers, and know how best to handle each, now that the FCC has ordered 833 numbers into an "auction or lottery." Further, we are the only ones that can guarantee uniqueness across the North America's most active toll-free vanity specialist and independent RespOrgs, because we are the founding member of the Association of Toll-Free Professionals. Our members are those most likely to be targeting the very numbers you want, so you're in the right place. Click on the blue icon, bottom far right, to chat. Or, call us on 1-800-Get-Vanity (858-792-5000).

For an in-depth overview of recent developments in the 833 code opening, read our post: "A New Era begins with Toll-Free 833 Numbers." For the rest of the story, read 833 Numbers: The 8.33 Things Amateur Marketers Don't Know! 

Here are some highlights:

  • How toll-free 833 numbers create a pure channel of communication, unpoisoned by competitive ads shown on Google and Bing.
  • Why Messaging— Business texting and Voicemail transcription— will renew demand for toll-free numbers, now "Hybrid Numbers."
  • Why you'll need hybrid 833 numbers to ride this wave of innovation and how to never get "spammed out" again.
  • How to create universal appeal and reliably identify new prospects.
  • How to create flawless recall without compromising media tracking.

Below the submission form you will find "Additional Benefits" and some thoughts on "How to Price."

The best numbers are yet to come! Call us at 1-800-Get-Vanity (800-438-8264), before you do make any commitments. We’ll guide you all the way!

Additional Benefits:

Here are the many additional benefits of working with Toll Free Market:

    •    Submission: If you submit an early request with us, we'll strategically submit numbers in the Pre-Assignment round on your behalf and guarantee your requests are unique across the Association of Toll-Free Professionals, vanity experts that are most likely to be submitting the same numbers as you, or we will advise you to make adjustments. We will also advise you on whether or not to withdraw previously placed orders to avoid duplications, but call us first before you do anything. We may advise you to stay put.

    •    Private Insights: We have an innovative and comprehensive strategy based on the latest, April 21, 2017 ruling by the FCC. The current FCC position was certainly influenced by our 2010 proposal for a Randomized Round Robin, which will continue to advocate for 833 numbers. As this plays out, you will have an insider’s view of our actions and insights. Plus, I will personally validate your submission list, and advise you on expectations and actions.

    •    Acquisition: Once the the Top Tier number process is defined, we'll pursue numbers on behalf of the clients who want them the most, either through automation, round robin, or lottery. We don't believe there will be an auction at the FCC level, as that would be contrary to the position held by the Commission for decades, yet, anything can happen.

    •    Branding: We'll gladly provide a free survey of matching Internet domains as well as other versions of your message (800, 888, etc..), upon request. We are the #1 trusted agent in America for both the acquisition of toll-free/local numbers and Internet domains.

    •    Discovery: On numbers you miss, we'll make a free inquiry to the successful Resporg and enter negotiations, whenever possible. If they use a lottery, that will democratize toll-free assignments and your desired numbers could wind up anywhere!

    •    Negotiations:  Should we acquire missed 833 numbers on your behalf, we will only charge you the reserve price as our professional fee. No hourly or additional success bonus!

    •    Full Portability: You must move your 833 numbers to the carrier of your choice. Although we can arrange service for you, we are carrier neutral and do not provide toll-free services ourselves. Our expertise is in branding, positioning, and strategy-- and now intelligent submissions.

    •    Transparency: You can go after any number, any time. Your offer need only exceed those offers from other members and, on Top-Tier numbers, a modest reserve price. Should your offer not make the cut, it's only because somebody else wanted it more. Once the smoke has cleared, we will disclose the successful client or member so you can further negotiate or wish them the best. Agency is determined solely by the confidential, self-priced submissions, not as a result of mere participating.

Here, you're not barred from access to great numbers, simply because someone requested them first-- and you can claim the priority you deserve! We then go harder after the 833 numbers you want the most. Our deadline for pre-ordering the very best 833 numbers is right up to auction close, likely sometime this fall, 2017.

Our innovative Self-Pricing model puts you in charge and we'll show you how to value 833 numbers for maximum effect. Your bids are confidential, so there's no need to disguise what your digits spell, respond to other bids, or show up at the close to defend your position from "snipers." Since we're announcing this service in mid-April, our queue will much shorter than Cartoon Guy’s, so sssshhhh.. Don't tell anyone but your very BFF! 

Bids are confidential and used to determine which client wants which 833 number the most. Results will not be shared until after the assignment to avert competition. See our "How to Price 833 Numbers" page before you bid (below).

Why do you set the price? Your self-pricing bids will be used to allocate selections in the lottery for Top Tier numbers, as early as this fall. If you're just tuning in, the era of code dominance by a few big players with automation is over. Now, to improve your odds of assignment, you need intelligence, industry connections, professional expertise, and strategic planning. You're in the right place. Join us on this journey.

You will be charged a $10, one-time-charge to participate in our program, and you may enter as many bids as you wish at no additional per-number charge. Upon success, you will be required to pay your bid price for each successful acquisition or forfeit it. Agency is solely determined by your self-priced submission, which must exceed any reserve and other offers, and is automatically revoked unless professional services fees are paid in full.

Payments of $2,500 and below may be made by credit card. Payment over $5,000 may be made by wire transfer or may be made by credit card, if you absorb the processing fees. For payments between $2,500 and $5,000, we'll split the processing fees. Term payments may be available.

833-Numbers: How to Price

Since we leave the pricing to you, you'll need to get a feel for the value of your desired numbers, especially the Top Tier numbers that certain to be sent into the auction pool.

Valuation has to do with a three key factors:

  • Market size
  • Utility or potential for use
  • The message itself

Ask yourself: How big is this market? Is this something sold by phone or text? Is this a category message, a brand, or a call to action? 

Numbers like 833-Contacts get high marks on all three fronts. This targets a massive market, the product is easy to order by phone or text, and "contacts" is a generic, category message, with broad appeal to anyone involved in the eye care business. In contrast, a brand message like 833-IBM-Shop is narrowly useful to just one company. Great numerics like 833-333-3333 transcends all categories and can be used by any business, which is why this 833 number will be one of the most sought after number in code opening. 

While specialized call centers with automation used to sweep up the best numbers at the code opening, the FCC is now considering an off-line process of assignment. All Top-Tier 833 numbers are being held in a set-aside pool until the FCC determines how to proceed, potentially, by "auction of lottery."

In the meantime, the idea of "Day 1" pricing is a thing of the past. Only Mid-tier numbers will be pre-assignment before the code opening. Yet, that doesn't diminish the value of Top-Tier numbers placed into the auction pool, regardless of which process is adopted. For Top-Tier numbers, we will make an extraordinary effort to secure them for you at some later date. 

At Toll Free Market you set your own "maximum offers," which directly translates into the resources applied on your behalf. The best strategy is to determine the most you're willing to pay for it-- your "walk away" price-- and then discount your bids from there. 

Your confidential bid should then be high enough to outbid any speculators, who will not value numbers as high as end users. Any Top Tier number with obvious demand will go for tens of thousands of dollars, 833-Lawyers, 833-Flowers, etc... On good authority, we understand that 844-444-4444 was acquired by an attorney for mid six-figures at the 844 code opening. 

Before you bid, reflect as to how badly you really want these 833 numbers. Bid value will directly affect priority, so the more you want it, the harder we go after it! As you set your bid price, take into account the fact this code opening is happening about 5-7 years before it's needed, so THESE are the last virgin, hybrid numbers that will be available for many years, if not a decade or more.

Then bid something. Even if your bid is below the reserve, there's always a chance you've hit on something overlooked or untargeted by anyone else... Go for it! This is "self-pricing." Aside from our thresholds, you get to decide what's everything's worth!

For an in-depth overview of recent developments in the 833 code opening, read our post: "A New Era begins with Toll-Free 833 Numbers." For the rest of the story, read 833 Numbers: The 8.33 Things Amateur Marketers Don't Know!