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1,000+ Domain Portfolio will be sold, some registered as early as the 90’s.

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Some are, but I have to tell you: I'm on a mission here. 

Over the last 7 years I’ve been pursuing IP on a global platform, Telex.Live, that blends the phone with the Internet. I now have patents grants on 4 continents including US, Europe, China, and Australia. In 2018-19, I’m forming a start-up to bring this Vision to life. 

To fund this innovation, I’m willing to liquidate several valuable domain portfolios. These are domains that will capture value and mindshare in key mass or emerging markets— domains selected on branding and strategy, not key words alone. 

Links to follow. Along with the portfolio sales, I will make myself available to advise on any branding and strategy issues. What I do know is that all must do what we love. Perhaps these markets are where you thrive!

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We hold several thousand domains and plan to keep more than half of them. The rest are looking for good homes. Let me translate this for you. We sell to real businesses at fair, retail pricing; not to speculators looking to score a quick flip. So, drop us a line, tell us what you're building, what excites you, and how we might help, but please; don't embarrass yourself making stupid offers. 

We'll always listen and will even give you free advice, if there's something we can help you with. You should also know, we're the #1 trusted agent or toll-free/local number acquisitions and, we often match domains with toll-free numbers, what we call Magnetic Branding— and have done this for major corporations like Mercedes, Microsoft, Lending Tree, and many others.

If you're doing something innovative, we may partner with you. To talk our language on Venture, see our guide on bringing Vision to Venture. In the meantime, we're building out i2, the next wave of visual communication, commerce, and privacy.

Drop us a line, Loren@800.net, or fill in the form above. Be sure to include the domain of interest!.... Oh, and one last thing.

Everybody seems to want findme.com. Share your Vision, but this not one we're eager to sell, certainly for less than six figures.