Cool Again!

The vast majority of North American businesses continue to drive customers to the web and see little reason for toll-free numbers. Yet, this view is rapidly changing as savvy companies realize that people reward their business to companies with real customer service. With that, Toll free is becoming cool again -- and that will be the theme for this year's Toll Free Summit.

Register below for this invitation-only event. Please note, by registering and/or attending you agree to permit your name and photographic likeness in all forms and media for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purposes:


If you plan to bring someone who did not attend last years event, please have your referral call to clear you in. See criteria here. Certain "characters" are not welcome!... Sorry Joey. No Sharks allowed. 

Toll Free West--Tentative Agenda*
Tuesday, April 5th, 5 pm+ Reception
Wednesday, April 6th, Sessions all day
Wednesday night, Dinner out (TBD)
Thursday, April 7th Sessions all day
Thursday night, Sunset sail on San Diego Bay
Friday morning, April 8th TFO Meeting, 9-10:30am+
*Agenda may change, but within these time-frames.