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You’ll have everything needed to launch a world-class personal injury  ad campaign in North America; including matching assets, 1-800-Hurt-Book/, for web hosting, email, call, text, and more. Our proposed business model empowers local attorneys under a single, powerful brand which may be licensed by market, or used by your own firm.

To roll this out nationally, you need only partner with an ambitious law firm in each designated market area (DMA) or TV/Radio market. While attorneys typically practice law in just one state, many practice in multiple-states when TV/Radio markets span state boarders. Regardless, attorneys are generally allowed to refer cases anywhere. 


The Hurt Book business model we recommend is an exclusive-by-market licensing package ranging from $390 to 1,490/month. The contents would then localized for each DMA, noting local variations in the law, as well as allowing the Hurt Book to be highly personalization, indeed, co-authored by the local law firm.

Leads, calls, text, can be dynamically routed to each affiliate during business hours, with a master call center to provide after-hours intake.

The Hurt Book program is outgrowth of several proven business models and sure to create revenues for years to come.

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Just about everyone’s seen ads for a free Meso Book. In contrast, have you heard of the 5 Deadly Sins or the Top 10 Ways Accident Victims Sabotage Their Own Case?

The Meso Books are actually publications by various authors that are offered by attorneys to prospective clients. It’s a soft sell.

Where it’s quite intimidating for victims to call an attorney about “a new case,” it’s easy to call or click for free information in the form of a physical book and or a downloadable report. In the process, the attorney gets contact info and permission to do outreach.

There are at least a dozen attorneys who deploy a “Meso Book” including: The Mesothelioma AllianceJazlowieckl & Jazlowieckl, Seeger Weiss LLP, Goldberg, Persk, White PCWeitz & Luxenberg P.C., Cooney & Conway, Simmons Hanly Conroy, Nemeroff Law and Galiher DeRobertis & WaxmanNemeroff Law Firm, Cooney & Conway, Levy Konigsberg LLP, Kazen, McClain, Satterley & Greenwood. Most are focused on signing clients across America.

For personal injury, attorneys use a similar approach, although most all focus on their home state. Self-published books include:

What these local efforts lack is cohesiveness. Each is uniquely titled and locally focused, but none have national branding. Whats really missing is a Magnetic Brand like 1-800-Hurt-Book!

The market is ripe for a Hurt Book, one that is available from a trusted, local attorneys anywhere in America, with content tailored by state and promoted locally on radio and TV. 

We are combining this “soft sell” with the proven business model used for 1-800-Lawyer, 1-800-Attorney, and 1-800-Injured; exclusive by market licensing. 

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