Vision and Values-- v2.0


Our Vision:

Empower Voice and Visual Commerce!

Our Values:

Value Creation--  We hold that value is created by forming or pairing trademark property rights with toll free numbers and Internet domains. Therefore, vanity messages overlaid on toll-free numbers are not intrinsic in numbers themselves, yet form the basis of real, tangible value.

Service-- We seek to provide service to others through the creation and "shared use" of world-class marketing programs and hybrid telephony platforms.

Excellence-- We seek to share and perfect best practices for the benefit and enhancement of all.

Harmony-- We recognize that by design, competitive programs strengthen and validate one another, as we are licensing exclusive territories to only one of many competitors in a given market.

Integrity--  We seek to become a trusted source for Hybrid Telephony services. Therefore, we do not condone toll-free number theft or conversion, deceptive consulting or licensing practices, spare-pool number brokering, or cyber-squatting Internet domains that map to numbers controlled by others. We further seek to codify the legitimate transfer of toll-free numbers.

Security--  We hold that toll-free subscription rights must reasonably endure any act of 3rd party negligence, conversion, or fraud.

Continuity-- We seek to protect users of our programs through the adoption of a secession vehicle.