Welcome to Southbeach!

We are taking a LIVE reservations all this week for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. attendees and our domain friends for FREE, as available. Just ask Rick or Howard to point out Loren Stocker at the conference. MATCH YOUR WEB SITE ADDRESS with a toll free vanity number. Even if you're not sure, get the reservation today. You've got up to 30 days to think this through! In addition, if you've never heard back from Sedo's toll-free partner regarding your 855 request, email us and we'll check the database for you.

BULK requests are just $39 each (minimum of 2 beyond the free one). Most toll-free professionals and the major carriers are over their limit, but we have available reservations for today and beyond.. Here's how you decide what to do.



First off, anything "blockbuster" -- 855-Flowers, 855-Doctors, 855-Dentist, etc. -- is already gone, so you'd be wasting your time researching these. And, yes, even 1-855-BlockBuster is reserved!. Yet, just about any number specific to your business is likely to be available today. More general numbers, maybe not.

Why wait for your carrier? Well, your odds may be good, but here's how you decide.

There are three windows of opportunity. First, you try a live reservation today for free (we charge the public $89) at 1-800-GET-RESULTS (800-438-7378), or email TollFree@800.Net. If we're not in, your voice mail will go right to our cell phones, so please leave us a message.

Only a few thousand numbers are likely to be reserved between now and tomorrow morning (11 AM Central), when the next tidal wave of activity hits. Each carrier gets only 100 reservations per day. So, you chances are best if you get in before these reservations hit.  

Next, we can get your request into our automation system for the next, but that will only put you incontention for the better numbers -- many of which are readily available today, or in the morning before the next wave hits. Bulk submissions are only $39 -- with guaranteed results -- so submit your requests here (Ignore the cost. Just mention "Traffic Show" in the referral question and your first request is free. Minimum 2 additional reservations to get the $39 price):

Finally, you can wait until tomorrow after the tidal wave and see what's left over. For sure, all the easy-to-dial numbers will be taken in the next wave. By Monday afternoon, nothing that amazing will be left.

If there was ever been a time where the sooner-the-better applies, it is now. Just this weekend -- between waves -- we picked up 855-Warranty,  855-Trademarks, 855-Settlement, and 855-Probate, and others for one of our clients. Good luck getting something that good after the next wave! Unless you have something obscure that others are unlikely to think up, you just don't want to wait.

Just call us on 1-800-Get-Results (800-438-7378) or email TollFree@800.net