On April 4, 1997 the aging period for disconnected toll-free numbers was reduced from 6 month to 4 months, as a conservation measures. On July 23, 2010, DSMI and the SMS/800 Help Desk inexplicably terminated subscriber rights during this 4-month aging period.

According to the July 23rd CSB Notification, "Effective immediately, the SMS/800 Help Desk will no longer perform Resp Org Changes on numbers in a Transitional status, as there is no customer of record."

"No customer of record?" ....Huh?

Based on this unilateral directive -- there was no FCC mandate-- your RespOrg can now forego a disconnect announcement and go directly to transition status -- think AT&T, the company that does this on every number -- and your rights as a subscriber are terminated on the first day of disconnection!

Sure you can still reclaim your numbers, but only through your existing RespOrg. Your portability rights have been unilaterally terminated.

That means if you have a billing dispute -- even an unreasonable one -- your RespOrg once again has the ultimate leverage to spare or reconnect your numbers at their discretion. It's pre-1993 all over again!

In the eyes of DSMI, there will be no relief from the Help Desk, the venue of last resort, as YOU have been banished as "customer of record." What were they thinking!!??

DSMI was contacted, but declined to comment.

Stay tuned. This is bound to get ugly!