Released: July 2, 1997



On October 4, 1995, the Commission adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (CC Docket No. 95-155) addressing various issues relating to toll free service access codes and, among other issues, requesting comment on the issue of vanity-number treatment in future toll free codes. Toll Free Service Access Codes, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, 10 FCC Red 13692 (1995) (NPRM). The pleading cycle in response to the NPRM closed on November 15, 1995. In January 1996, the Common Carrier Bureau directed Database Management Services. Inc. to set aside 888 vanity toll free numbers by placing them in "unavailable" status until the Commission resolves whether these numbers should be afforded any special right or protection. Toll Free Service Access Codes, Report and Order, 11 FCC Red 2496 (1996).

 The record all the NPRM is almost two years old. At this point, the industry is preparing to deploy the next toll free code in 1998. We seek, therefore, to refresh the record in CC Docket No. 95-155 on issues associated with the treatment of vanity toll free numbers, both with 888 as well as numbers in future toll free codes. Specifically, parties should comment on Issues such as, but not limited to, a vanity toll-free number lottery and Standard Industrial Classification Codes. We ask that parties confine their discussion to issues concerning vanity numbers and avoid simply reiterating their earlier pleading.

Comments and reply comments in response to this Notice should be no more than 20 pages, and otherwise in compliance with Sections 1.415 and 1.419 of the Commission's rules. Comments must be filed on or before July 21, 1997, and reply comments must be filed on or before July 28, 1997. Comments and reply comments must be sent to the Office of the Secretary, FCC, 1919 M Street, and N.W., WASHINGTON, D.C. 20554. Two copies should also be sent to the Network Services Division, Common Carrier Bureau FCC, Room 235, 2000 M Street. N.W., Washington. D.C. 20554. One copy should also be sent to the Commission's contractor for public service records duplication: ITS, Inc., 2100 M Street, N.W., Suite 140, Washington, D.C. 20554. Copies can also be obtained from ITS at (202) 857-3800.

 We will continue to treat this proceeding as non-restricted for purposes of the Commission's ex parte rules. See generally 47 C.F.R §§ 1.1200-1.216. For further information, contact Robin Smolen (2021418-2353) of the Network Services Division, Common Carrier Bureau.


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