We're in this Together!



#8- Vanity International is the #1 trusted toll-free agent in North America.

We work on behalf of our clients, as an agents— not a number's broker— and there is no snarky jack-ass here, trashing everyone in the industry, hoping to distract you from their own maligned behaviors, past lawsuits, and FCC inquires.

The Essence: We are the toll-free professionals. We work as agents, not brokers, so your interests and ours become fully aligned.

Only amateurs are fooled by cartoon videos promising trust and glory— and warnings about all the phone sharks "out there." That's what's known to psychologists as projection. In fact, now that the FCC has taken away automation, why are they still charging you $499 or $999 for a "blind shot" at Mid-Tier numbers? Insiders like me know, from actual experience, who can be trusted. 

I have gathered dozens of the most reputable professionals and trusted colleagues at our Toll Free Summit (now the Hybrid Telephony Summit) and published a code of ethics for those in our industry. These are all the major players. As to the rest? We work at arm's length with those who do not adhere to our values. 

Since we know everyone in the industry, we know who can be trusted and who to avoid. We have all the advantages of crowd sourcing. To be sure, we work with trusted brokers, but also directly with their sources, so we’re not limited to any one company's "inventory" or number list. Because we're trusted, we have direct access to millions of local and toll-free numbers— many that can be acquired for free with a modest amount of professional effort.

Your successful 833 number bid at Toll Free Market secures agency and expertise, and many other benefits. Self-Pricing means that our interests are aligned with yours. For acquisitions, we are paid directly for professional services, not by secretly adding hefty mark-ups. Nor are you the subject of a $999 fleecing for blind shot at a Mid-Tier 833-Number— when you can take a "blind shot" for free! What Cartoon Guy was selling is gone, except for his obscene pricing. Now, you need intelligent 833 submissions. You've come to the right place.

#8.33- You'll have to read on, but our lines are shorter!