Cracking the Code.



#8.33- Top Tier 833 numbers may be locked up for years. 

I know it seems unreasonable, but it took 2-3 years for the FCC to release the Top-Tier 888 numbers in the late 90’s. There’s even a set of numbers from the original 1993 portability order that are still locked down, decades after the principals have moved on. Delay can happen. This is no assurance these Top Tier numbers will come out at all.

The good news here is that there is a division of the FCC, the Common Carrier Division, dedicated to working on just such matters. It was by their initiative to reopen the lottery discussion we first proposed in 2010, so there’s clearly hope of a quick resolution.

We’ll see how all this plays out together. Join us on this journey.

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We start with your ideal message and reverse-engineer the landscape before we dig into negotiations-- and I'm an actual engineer, a University of Wisconsin graduate who holds a Masters in Marketing from the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern. I bring my passion for venture, branding, positioning, and marketing strategy to our work together. 

As your agent, our incentives are to secure your ideal numbers, for voice and text, as well as matching Internet domains, so that your branding creates a competitive advantage. Because we act as your agent, our incentives are to steer you to digital assets best suited for you, not to those we happen to have “in stock" or to those that generate higher profits.

The Essence: We have serious expertise in marketing, strategy, positioning and intellectual property.

We bring depth of knowledge, expertise, connections, and over 20 years of experience as we help you perfect your brand. This is what we call "Magnetic Branding" where we create clear, multi-channel communication, like the Roman adage, where all roads lead to you! 

Trust matters, and that's why we've been directly involved in some of the largest toll-free and domain acquisitions in America, including Lending Tree, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, Excedrin, (now owned by MLB), and we continue to be the most trusted agency in the industry.

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