You Price It... He Shows at the Close!



#7- How Self-Pricing full access and priority puts you in a position to win.

Our innovative Self-Pricing system puts you in charge, but you'll need to know how to value 833 numbers for maximum effect. Your confidential bid is held in our queue until the close, the day before the assignment. We then go after numbers on behalf of the clients who want them the most. Results will be shared the following day so that we don't tip off our competition-- or yours.

The Essence: You set your own priority. The more you value an 833 number, the harder we go after it.

Why use self-pricing? Because auctions suck! I know this first hand. I buy domains at auction, so I've become an expert at winning traditional, "English" style auctions, where you're compelled to defend your bids. There's only one way to win; bid the minimum, show up at the close, jump the proxy, and use the element of surprise to outbid anyone who is not present. That gives amateurs less than 5 minutes to react-- and they typically don't see the "You've been outbid" email until it's too late. On eBay, this practice is known as "sniping," and it takes all the joy out of participation for everyone but the sniper.... Ah, but that's also why you use Toll Free Market. We're "snipers" who work for you.

NameJet and Snapnames, the sites that pick up expiring Internet domains, use these traditional auctions and it has been an extreme intrusion into my life. I've had to pull over on highways, interrupt time at youth hockey games, connect from airplanes, and most recently, carry an iPad to a Sunday service, just to be on-line during the mandated closing time. Often, it's a waste of time, as other savvy bidders show up and quickly exceed my buy range— and I had to plan my day around this!? Yet, there's no other way to pre-register your maximum valuations without signaling all the other bidders. Proxy bids are immediately placed and exposed, giving other bidders hours and even days to evaluate and react.

Self-pricing avoids all of these shortfalls and more. You truly do not need to show up at the close. By registering your intent, our system follows your confidential directives without signaling your intention to other bidders, yet the highest confidential bid at the time of the close automatically secures agency. Why do we keep the bids secret? We can't expose private offers without inspiring others to compete for your target numbers— other bidders as well as competitive automation— so why invite competition? See How to Price (link to page).

#8- Why the Toll Free Market is the #1 trusted toll-free agent in North America;