Simple Strategy: Be Unique!


A New Era begins with Toll-Free 833 Numbers

On April 21, 2017 the FCC ordered that all Top Tier 833 numbers be set aside until they determine how best to allocate them in a "more market driven and efficient process" consistent with its mandate to make "numbers available on an equitable basis." The FCC order went on to say they may "adopt new toll free assignment methods or continue its first-come, first-served policy for 833..." These include "assignment by auction or lottery.

That means the very best, Top-Tier 833 numbers will all be set-aside into an auction pool until they make that determination. The balance of the requested 833 numbers, the Mid-Tier numbers, those only wanted by a single entity, will be pre-assigned before the code opening June 3, 2017. Only 833 numbers not requested by anyone in the May 17 Mid-Tier Pre-Assignment Round— essentially "left overs"— will be available on a first-come, first-served basis on June 3rd. 

Call us first on 1-800-Get-Vanity (858-792-5000), especially if you’ve already submitted elsewhere and don’t know what to do.

There are now three rounds of assignment: Mid-Tier, Second Chance, and Top-Tier numbers. Here are the timeframes:

May 17, 2017-- Mid-Tier, Pre-Assignment Round. $290 assures submission and guarantees significant uniqueness, or we will advise you to make adjustments. Requests for Pre-Assignment are due to Somos, the toll-free registry that week. The goal is for your numbers to Be Unique. If your submissions are unique, they will be pre-assigned, so be diligent! Any number that has multiple requests— even two of your own submissions— will be deemed Top Tier and locked down in the auction pool. By submitting with us, we guarantee that your submissions will be unique across our core membership, which includes many of the most active vanity professionals. More on that later.

($1,190 for five, and $1,890 for ten) 

June 2, 2017-- The Second Chance Round. Just $89 and up. If you have a lower-valued number, or missed the May 17th deadline, get your submissions in by Friday, June 2, 2017. On June 3rd, the 833 number code debuts and all the best, lower-tiered numbers, as well as any non-obvious, Mid-Tier numbers, will be secured within seconds by automation, ahead of all the usual suspects, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and dozens of on-line websites who will attempt to make manual reservations at the opening, or on Monday, June 5th.

Late Fall 2017 (Submit by May 17, 2017)-- The Top-Tier, Auction/Lottery Round. Self-priced, so you decide what their worth! Top Tier numbers will be allocated by some form of "auction or lottery," as yet to be determined. You'll need our expertise to the know the difference between Top-Tier and Mid-Tier numbers— and to professionally handle your submissions, as well as decide whether you should keep or withdraw other over-priced submissions. Get your orders in today and join us on this journey.

By working with us, you will benefit from our deep expertise, comprehensive strategy, and real industry connections —  as well as the benefits listed in a section below the 833 Self-Pricing order form. Your 833 number requests will be handled professionally and we will maximize your chances of success.  Now we turn to Top Tier numbers.

Top-Tier 833 Numbers
Keep in mind, there will be at least 10-15 entities all dreaming about securing the same pool of Top-Tier numbers, those that were secured in the first seconds of the 844/855 codes openings, in days gone by. Numbers like 833-333-3333 and 833-Lawyers will all be hotly contested, slated for the auction pool, and now subject to some yet-to-be-defined allocation process. 

We created the list of Top Tier numbers, those certain to be set aside in the auction pool. For all others, those considered Mid-Tier numbers, you need intelligence, not a roulette wheel that pays once out of 5 or 10 spins. The reason Cartoon Guy and others were able to charge $499- $999 was for their automation, but that's gone now. Automation is no longer a factor. These are just "shot in the dark" submissions at obscene prices. Profit taking, not intelligence. Rather, what matters now is uniqueness.

At just $290 and up, we guarantee your Mid-Tier numbers will be a unique submission across the association of toll-free professionals (ATFP), the core group of professional and independent RespOrgs that specialize in toll-free, vanity 833 numbers, or we will alert you to make adjustments. We have the relationships that matter. We know this market. Join us for the best guidance available anywhere.

In contrast, all Top-Tier numbers have a reserve price, and self-priced offers will be accepted up until the FCC determines how these will be assigned, likely Late Fall 2017. For Top-Tier numbers, we will make an extraordinary effort to secure them for you. Understand why we have reserves. When Top-Tier numbers all pay the same $499 or $999, why work any harder for these over the Mid-Tier numbers that are easy to get? The FCC may impose a lottery, but you certainly don't want an agent who relies on luck.

Once you submit your requests, we'll reply with any reserves so you can adjust your offers, as needed. This will also alert you to which requests are Top-Tier, so you'll know they will be unavailable in the first two rounds. Reserves are set at a modest fraction of what these digital assets are worth, around 10-15% of value. Your goal is to be the client who wants it the most, not simply to meet the reserve. All self-prices offer are strictly confidential. Deadline for submissions will be set once the FCC determines a course of action. At the earliest, expect Late Fall 2017

The first deadline for your submission is Wednesday, May 17, 2017, as all the best numbers will all be sorted in the Pre-Assignment round. It is essential to understand, Top-Tier and Mid-Tier numbers will have very different outcomes.

Mid-Tier 833 Numbers
The only hope of acquiring numbers in the Mid-Tier, per-assignment round is to submit then just once. Only unique requests will be pre-assigned. In fact, do you know how to make a Mid-Tier numbers into a contested, Top-Tier number, sent to auction? Submit it twice! 

With hundreds of RespOrgs, each allowed up to 2,000 off-line submissions in the Pre-Assignment round, this auction pool has the potential to be massive, even, larger that the land rush of prior code openings. Yet, don't assume the worst. There will be diversity among the tens of thousands of numbers targeted. Many RespOrgs will hardly participate. 

Only we can guarantee your Mid-Tier numbers will be unique across the association of toll-free professionals (ATFP), the core group of professional and independent RespOrgs that specialize in toll-free, vanity 833 numbers, or we will alert you to make adjustments. We know this market. Join us, and get the best intelligence available anywhere.

While we guarantee uniqueness across of our membership, we will also advise you on whether or not to withdraw your overpriced orders elsewhere.

Intelligence is now critical. Submit your orders and call us at 1-800-Get-Vanity (858-792-5000), before you take any action.

Somos, the toll-free registry, will aggregate requests from all participating RespOrgs-- and there are hundreds eligible to participate. Uniqueness will be used to determine which numbers are Top Tier and destined for the auction pool. Any number requested only once, unique, will be pre-assigned and available for use after June 3rd. Numbers with more than one request, even just two requests, automatically becomes a Top Tier number placed into "Unavailable status,” pending an FCC proceeding and determination.

This is a complete reversal of prevailing wisdom. Now, duplicating your 833 Number request is detrimental. If you or your staff unwittingly submit with more than one agent, your own actions will cause numbers to be set-aside for "auction or lottery." You must assume that any such auction will be open to the public, not just the submitting parties, and very diligently confirm your Mid-Tier number submissions have been withdrawn from all but one entity that will submit your requests in the Pre-Assignment round. For the rest of the story, read 833 Numbers: The 8.33 Things Amateur Marketers Don't Know!

When you submit Mid-Tier numbers through us, we guarantee uniqueness across our membership and avoid collisions with a growing number of independent RespOrgs, or will alert you to make adjustments. A single, Mid-Tier 833 number is just $290, paid only if we're successful, not the $499 and $999 price you may have commited to elsewhere for a "Shot in the Dark," now that automation is no longer a factor. Once you submit your list, we will analyze your selections and advise you on how best to handle each request. After May 17, you may still submit numbers for the Second Chance Round, starting at just $89 each.

So what's Top-Tier? Submit your list with us and you'll know. By some fluke, any one of the requests, believed to be are Top-Tier, may have the potential to be Pre-Assigned. But how would you know? In contrast, there's one fact you can count on: Top-Tier submissions will be pushed into the auction pool. Beyond our list of Top Tier numbers, there will be a mass addition of Mid-Tier numbers as a result of "Shop in the Dark" submissions by Cartoon Guy and others. All it takes is one conflict and the digital asset will be held  up for months, maybe even sold at auction!

I will be orchestrating our requests personally to assure uniqueness of Mid-Tier submissions across our membership, so you can be certain your requests will be handled professionally. I love this stuff. Strategic Decision Making— essentially game theory— was my favorite class at Kellogg Graduate School of Business, where I hold an MBA. Yet, get your requests in at once, well ahead of Wednesday, May 17, 2017, so we have time make our recommendations and work out any collisions.

Many unique targets will be placed into the auction pool, not for lack of effort, but simply because the FCC has democratized 833 number assignments. What you don't want is to rely on a democratized submission effort. As you'll learn, $499 fixed pricing or a $999 "maximum offer" was always a recipe for mediocrity resulting in no access and no priority. Now, there's a third, more vital factor: Intelligence.

When you submit with us, we maximize your chances of success. We defined the list of Top Tier and Mid Tier, and know how best to handle each, now and as this process unfolds. Further, we are the only ones that can guarantee uniqueness across the North America's most active toll-free vanity specialist and independent RespOrgs that participate in the Association of Toll-Free Professionals. Our members are the ones most likely targeting the very numbers you want.

We offer the best intelligence anywhere, so join us on this journey. That all begins with your submission.

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