Business Numbers for Business Text.


#3- You need a hybrid, toll-free 833 number to ride the next wave-- and you'll never get "spammed out" again.

They say, “the secret of success is to find a parade and get in front.” With text, that means texting to phone numbers like the upcoming hybrid, toll-free 833 numbers. Why? The masses are already trained.

The Essence: Use business numbers for business text. They work.

Just think of the persistence of the QWERTY keyboard, which has been with us since the 1870's. It has endured all these years, not for lack of better design, but because of habit and resistance to change. Everyone knows how to type on the QWERTY. A design update is trivial, but a humanity update is insurmountable and unsustainable without some compelling advantage. Likewise, phone numbers will remain the standard for texting _because_ you don’t need to teach anyone how to text to a set of digits; it’s fully ingrained.

Rather than offer an 833 number, amateurs may suggest you create an app or deploy an email address for texting, but why risk that?  At any point, the conversation may be "spammed out," blocked by spam filters-- often those you own--  and be relegated to a junk mail folder or even deleted. And we're already on app overload, so who wants to download another custom app? 

Text messaging via 833 numbers is already private, always direct, and not subject to any such filtering. Just get in front of the parade.

#4- How to create universal appeal and reliably identify new prospects;