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Call, Click, or Text?



#5- 833 Numbers Create flawless recall without compromising media tracking— I'll bet you don't know you could do that!

Amateurs typically dismiss vanity numbers because it takes a few moments to translate letters on the dial pad. Who wants to do that!? Yes, I agree, but there’s a compelling advantage lost on them! The purpose of vanity numbers is to avoid Google and create flawless recall at some later point in time-- when it's far easier and faster for prospects to peck in your number than to search for it anew. You should always present digits to dial along with a vanity number for immediate consumption.

The Essence: You can achieve flawless recall without sacrificing media tracking, by adding unique numerics under your 833 numbers.

In an article in Advertising Age, I published an overview of vanity toll-free numbers and how to create mind-share. To create competitive advantage, you need to associate yourself and your business with the right messaging that can easily be recalled and dialed. Think 1-800-Flowers or 1-800-Progressive. You want your vanity number on the lips of every prospect, customer, or client. That's flawless recall. 

If a prospect remembers you and your brand, but not your contact information, you've lost the most valuable benefit of word-of-mouth advertising; a direct connection to you. With vanity numbers, prospects avoid the ride through "Disneyland" just to find your number or other contact info, and you're far more likely to hear from them. Take that lesson from 1-800-Sandals. 

The best of all worlds is to present the numeric translation along with your message, typically in smaller font, right under the vanity number. You can even use tracking numbers in this translation field-- rather than the actual, numeric translation-- and the best of both worlds. Then, adding incentives codes can help entice response. That's how you plant your vanity number in their mind  and track media, while allowing prospects to painlessly dial some digits, right then and there.... So, did it work? 

Go look above and notice the number (our office line) does not translate from 1-800-Get-Vanity (800-438-8264). Just like this, you can use this little trick across all media, although you'll want the tracking numbers to better match the vanity number (800 not 858, in this case) yet, easier to dial!

The 833 Land Rush offers a rare opportunity to secure the key message you've always wanted, along with tracking numbers; 833-NYC-Cabs, 833-This-is-it, 833-The-Best, 833-Carry-Out, whatever you want.  I know this first hand. During the 844 drop, I finally secured key vanity numbers that had eluded me for decades. Finally! Don't lose this opportunity.

#6- Why the Toll Free Market puts you ahead of AT&T, Verizon and even Cartoon Guy!