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This powerful phone number, 1-800-Billboards, allows you to join an exclusive network of outdoor advertising companies. Each phone call is a sizzling lead giving you the opportunity to turn prospects into clients!

Join the Proven Business Model to Boost Your Business!

The licensing of toll-free vanity phone numbers with an accompanied domain is a proven business model employed by your own clients:

  • 1-800-Lawyers
  • 1-800-Bankrupt
  • 1-800-Injured
  • 1-800-Workers

...and many others

These vanity phone numbers work because they allow for flawless recall each time and every time. There is no need for your prospects to reach for a scrap of paper as they drive by; they simply dial 1-800-Billboards or go straight to:


Benefits of Participating in 1-800-Billboards/Get-Signs:

▪ You receive an exclusive license for the phone number by market area (DMA)

▪ You get a compelling vanity phone number that is impossible to forget!

▪ You get a exclusive link to the directory at Billboards.Net (coming soon)

▪ The brand grows exponentially as each licensed provider uses 1-800-Billboards on unused outdoor ad space.

No matter where a consumer first hears 1-800-Billboards, all incoming calls in your territory are routed to you.

We can also connect you on 1-800-Get-Signs and

Inquiries, please contact or 1-800-Get-Vanity (800-438-8264)