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Take the keys!



#6- Toll Free Market puts you ahead of AT&T, Verizon and even Cartoon Guy!

With our self-pricing model, you decide what each 833 number is worth, not us. Think of it as a secret bounty. And, you may place your order for any number, any time right up until the day before these numbers are assigned, beginning May 17, 2017. Then, we do our best to secure the most wanted 833 numbers and guide you through the maze of auctions, lotteries, unique pre-assignments, negotiations, and alternative selections. Don't try this alone.

The Essence: You can order any 833 number, any time up until the time of assignment. There will be three deadlines but the first, and most important, is May 17, 2017.

The 855/844 number Land Rushes were epic computer battles, but that’s all changed with 833 numbers, so know what to expect. (Now this will unfold in three phases).

The FCC has mandated a 2,000 cap on 833 numbers which is great for the little guys, but bad for major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and even popular websites like Cartoon Guy. Amateurs confuse big with being good, when, in this case, big is bad!  Why? Once your order is merged with tens of thousands of 833 numbers, just how important are you? Will your order even be submitted?  

When you see a $499 fixed pricing or a $999 “maximum offer,” you can be sure of three things; you'll have no priority, no access, and certainly no intelligence. You were paying high prices for automation, but that's gone and the prices have become obscene.

  1. No Priority: Place an order and you're sent to the back of the line. Your vital order will have zero priority over all others, certainly with sites that made public commitments to submit numbers "in the order they were received.” When hard-to-get, high demand numbers pay the same as easy-to-get numbers, where's the incentive to work harder for you? Priority remains a primary factor, but it's strategy that matters now.`
  2. No Access: You can't even order high-demand numbers! Numbers like 833-333-3333, 833-Lawyers, and many others are all taken by insiders who jumped for a 1% chance of winning these at $499 or $999, or they were held back for VIP's. Sure, these submissions are "unique" at this one RespOrg— that's why you are denied access! What you need now is assurance your submission is unique across many RespOrgs, especially those used by vanity professionals. Only we can assure you of that and improve your odds of pre-assignment. Here, you can order any number, any time. 
  3. No Intelligence: You were paying $499 and $999 fees for automation, but that's over now. The FCC has moved the game from big automation to strategy--  and we have the master plan! Now, submitting "blind orders" is very risky. If your 833 number is not unique, it will be forced into the 833 auction pool, and potentially held up for years. Why do this blind when we offer intelligence.

Let's look at Cartoon Guy to illustrate these faults. He explicitly promises to “submit the requests…starting with the highest offers (all $999) first in the order they were received” and required payment. Those orders must now be submitted by date and time order priority, as promised, or he could get sued.

That means, once you commit to the "maximum offer" of $999, you’re already behind thousands of existing orders in his queue, while offering a dollar less places your order at the back of a growing line, behind the $999 parade. Where’s your priority, when everyone pays the same amount?

Before the FCC capped submission at 2,000, your request may have been held back until Day 2 or 3. Now, you may not even make the list and held back for the June 3rd code opening. What’s worse, how do know if your number is even worthy of a $999 offer? Only we have the Top Tier list of toll free 833 numbers. We defined it!

At the time you were paying for automation, but that’s gone now. What you need today is intelligence and strategy— exactly what we provide for $89 and up, $290 for Mid-Tier pre-assignment requests submitted by May 17, 2017.

Then, to understand the access problem, just try to place an order for any of these high demand, top-tier numbers: 833-Lawyers, 833-Flowers, 833-Dentist, 833-Attorney, 833-Injured, 833-Doctors, 833-America, or 833-333-3333, 833-300-3000, but also the not-so-obvious ones like 833-222-2222, and 833-777-7777. They're already "on reserve" and he's legally bound to submit these for someone else. All of them! But you need not believe me; go see this for yourself. 

Because high demand numbers are worth 10x to 100x higher than this "maximum offer" of $999, insiders rushed in to lock up all the valuable numbers. Now you're barred from ordering them-- and Cartoon Guy talks about the phone sharks "out there." That's a projection. Don't be surprised if he suddenly opens a VIP line or some other way to "cut in line" for a premium. Nothing is actually "on reserve" until the FCC sorts out this “auction or lottery” process ordered on April 21, 2017. “On reserve” just means he won't be submitting these numbers for you.

Top-Tier numbers were much harder to get, so it was always a fantasy to believe that numbers like 833-American would likely be secured for a $999 "maximum offer." This is a business model that gives every order the same priority, like lemmings jumping over a cliff. 

To illustrate what this promise means— to "submit the requests.. in the order they were received"— imagine the odds of getting front row theater seats from the back of a long entry line, one that already winds around the block. "Hey, Pal. Back of the line!"

With few exceptions, this was never going to happen. Although the FCC has changed the process, these principles still hold. No competitive game is ever won with a democratized effort. High-demand numbers can only be secured by making them high priority, but first, you need access to the numbers you want. Here, you're not barred from targeting Top-Tier numbers.

At Toll Free Market, You self-price and only pay for the priority you feel you need. We then go harder after the numbers you want the most. Since our incentives are always aligned with yours, we’re in this together. Further, you can order any number, any time, and it makes no difference whether you order 833 Numbers early or late, as long as you order before they are assigned. The first deadline is May 17, 2017, but the big numbers like 833-333-3333 will not be assigned for weeks, even months from now. Everyone's in the game, with full access and top priority, as defined by you; intelligence by us.

If you hope to secure high-demand numbers, with high priority, then the Toll Free Market is the place for you. Yet, we vastly improve your odds of getting regular, Mid-Tier numbers as well, because we guarantee uniqueness across the association of toll-free professionals (ATFP)— those trusted colleagues who have deep expertise in toll free vanity numbers— who may, otherwise, be targeting the same numbers as you. If we find conflicts, we will alert you to make adjustments. Being unique matters, so join us. We'll guide you every step of the way. So what about the Top-Tier numbers? Join us and stay tuned. 

Here, you can order any number, any time up until our deadlines, the first, and most important, being May 17, 2017.  We award agency to the client who wants it the most-- and you only pay if we're successful. Once secured, we'll move your number to your favorite carrier for activation.

We don’t know what’s in store at the FCC, but one thing is for use: we’re in this together.

#7- Why you'll need Self-Pricing, full access, and choice of priority to win the best numbers;